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Technical Art History Research Days 2024

Technical Art History Research Days 2024 are organised by the Department of History and Art History of Utrecht University and the National Research School for Art History (OSK).

Technical Art History Research

Taking place at the Botanical Gardens and UU’s ArtLab in Utrecht on April 4 and 5, we present and discuss current research at Utrecht University that brings together material and digital approaches for the study of art and heritage. 

On April 4 we have presentations on material engagement, digital art history, and teaching at the Digital and Technical ArtLab. 

After workshop demonstrations in the ArtLab and a guided tour in the Botanical Gardens, in the afternoon current PhD and RMa students will pitch their projects.

On April 5, there is a chance to integrate some of the themes in an immersive hands-on workshop at the ArtLab.

Time and location
04/04 10:00-17:00, Conservatory, UU Botanical Gardens, De Uithof (Science Park, Utrecht)
05/04 11:00-15:00, ArtLab Utrecht, Bolognalaan 50

Programm and registration

Download the full programm here.

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