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Jong VNK x Museum Het Schip

Bezoek aan tentoonstelling 'Indonesië en de Amsterdamse School' en introductie en discussie met curator Melle van Maanen, die de relatie tussen beiden onderzocht. (in English)

Museum Het Schip, Oostzaanstraat 45 Amsterdam

Friday, August 25th


Jong VNK - Zowel VNK-leden als Jong VNK-leden zijn welkom

Over the last few years several museums explored their entanglements with colonial history in the form of critical, investigative and creative new exhibition formats. Exhibitions such as “Slavery” in the Rijksmuseum or “Kirchner and Nolde: Expressionism. Colonialism” in the Stedelijk made big waves in the museum landscape, causing a mixed bag of reactions among visitors and critics.

Creative exhibition formats

There seems to be no “right” or “wrong” way to address the histories of colonial appropriation, exoticism and power asymmetries that are often attached to canonised art, design, architecture and their makers. The question is, how can we incorporate a more critical view on our work as (future) professionals in a productive way?

Instead of looking for answers in seminars, manuals and bodies of theory Jong VNK invites everyone to join us on a visit to Museum Het Schip for a relaxed get together to learn more about their exhibition “Indonesia and the Amsterdam School” as a hands-on example.

Exchange ideas

In a collaborative effort curator Melle van Maanen and a team of Indonesian creatives and experts explored the relationship between the Amsterdam School movement and the former Dutch East Indies.

The exhibition “Indonesia and the Amsterdam School” introduces new research results, a multiplicity of voices and a selection of key objects highlighting the complex relationship between the movement and the history of colonial Indonesia. It is dedicated to everything that was there all along but rarely received the attention it deserved.

This summer event is meant to be a simple platform to exchange ideas, examples but also insecurities (what does “decolonial” even mean??) from our own experiences to start the next season with fresh ideas and lots of motivation.


13:45-14:00 Walk in

14:00-15:00 Conversation with curator Melle van Maanen

15:00-16:00 Exhibition Visit

16:00-17:00 Chat with Coffee and Tea


Free for (Jong) VNK Members

Valid entry ticket / Museumkaart / ICOM Card required for members and non-members

€ 3 for non-members

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Campagnebeeld Indonesië en de Amsterdamse School - foto metselwerk Marcel Westhoff, ontwerp Max Schulze Campagnebeeld Indonesië en de Amsterdamse School - foto metselwerk Marcel Westhoff, ontwerp Max Schulze